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DIY Light up Firefly & Fun Facts for Preschoolers

Brighten up your backyard on a summer night with this super easy to make firefly. Found this on pinterest & couldn’t resist making it.. My LOs really loved to watch the changing colours and kept running with it in our backyard. πŸ˜€ Also good way to learn about fireflies – we dont get to see the real ones these days.. 

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What you need

  • Plastic Easter egg
  • LED tea light
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Googly eyes (optional)
  • Markers
  • Hot glue gun (optional)

How to

  • Cut the pipe cleaners to desired size to make antennas & legs and glue them to the easter egg.
  •  If you dont have hot glue gun, you can make holes on the egg using a thumb pin and insert the pipe cleaners.
  • Stick the googly eyes on the egg or you can just draw eyes & smiley using markers. 
  • Pop the led tea light into the easter egg ( i used color changing led tealight to make it more interesting)
  • Super cute firefly is ready to play

I missed to make wings – you can stick some feathers or even silver duct tape to make wings.

Fireflies (Lightning Bug) facts for Preschoolers

My home: I am found in humid, warm areas of the world, most often in rotting wood, by the edges of stream, ponds, drainage ditches or in some other moist area. The greatest numbers of fireflies are found in Asia and South America.

What I eat: As a larva, I eat earthworms, snails and slugs. As an adult, I eat pollen or other insects.

What I look like: I am approximately ΒΎ of an inch long, and I usually am black with two red spots on my head, with my outer casing outlined in yellow.

How I am born: I go through four stages of development: egg, larva, pupa and adult. The eggs are deposited in the ground and hatch in about a month. As a larva, I feed all summer long and hibernate during the winter. The next summer, I emerge and in about six weeks become an adult. Some species can live for several years by hibernating as larva during the winter.

Fun Facts: In the late evening the firefly will ‘flash’ a yellowish light to communicate with other fireflies. The males will flash approximately every five seconds and the females will flash approximately every two seconds. Many fireflies do not produce light.



Hi!! Im Lavanya, stay at home mom of 3 & 2 yr old girls.. My LOs are very active and they need various activities to keep them busy and interested. A monotonous play bores them easily.. Hence, I've started to explore & create activities to keep them occupied - fun & some learning.. This blog is my maiden attempt where you can find simple crafts and learning activities for kids. If you like my page share it with your friends. Also tell me what you think in the comments. πŸ˜€ Thanks for stopping by!!

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