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DIY Bubbling Lava Lamp

My LOs have these sparkling wands and they just love watching the sparkles go right up ( turning it upside down after it settles). They enjoy watching stuff like this. So we decided to make our own bubbling lava lamp. This is such an easy and amazing science experiment. My LOs found it very interesting & enjoyed alot 😀 


What you need

  • Recycled plastic bottle or mason jar (any plastic or glass bottle)
  • Oil
  • Water
  • Food color
  • Alka Seltzer tablets (any antacid tablets)

How to

  • Fill the bottle with 3/4 of vegetable oil and the rest with water, leaving an inch free at the top.
  • Add food color to it. I added almost 10 drops. The food coloring colors only the water and not the oil.
  • Break an Alka-Seltzer tablet into four pieces. Drop one of it into the bottle and watch the magic.
  • As soon as the tablet hits the layer of water, it will start to fizz and the colored water will erupt!
  • The bubbles will stop as soon as the tablet dissipates. You could more tablets to watch it again.

  • If the oil layer starts to become cloudy with tiny bubbles, just let it settle for a while before you add more tablets to it.
  • When you have used up all of the Alka-Seltzer and the bubbling has completely stopped, close the bottle with the cap. Tip the bottle back and forth and watch the wave appear. The tiny droplets of liquid join together to make one big wavelike blob.
  • Once done playing with it. You can close the bottle and store it for later use. 

Yes! you can play with it over and over again.. Isn’t that soo much fun.. 😀 My LOs are very fussy eaters. Now, if they eat their food without mommy running behind them, they get to drop a tablet into the bottles to watch some bubbling fun.. (mommy win👍)

For Older Kids – You can explain each step to your kids- why it happens and whats the science behind it. But for younger ones, its all about the fun part – adding more tablets to the bottle and watching the bubbles.

Anyways, this is just like a lava lamp, but without the lamp.. So to make a cool looking lava lamp, you’ll need a large flashlight. Rest the bottle directly on the lens of the flashlight and add the alka seltzer tablets into it. Watch the bubbles with the bright light shining up and through the liquid. Enjoy!!😀😀  We didn’t have a flashlight, so just used the flashlight in our phone. It still looked awesome!



Hi!! Im Lavanya, stay at home mom of 3 & 2 yr old girls.. My LOs are very active and they need various activities to keep them busy and interested. A monotonous play bores them easily.. Hence, I've started to explore & create activities to keep them occupied - fun & some learning.. This blog is my maiden attempt where you can find simple crafts and learning activities for kids. If you like my page share it with your friends. Also tell me what you think in the comments. 😀 Thanks for stopping by!!

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