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Christmas Tree Collage – Toddlers & Preschoolers

My girls are in complete Christmas mode right now and we have been having a lot of fun making simple crafts. One more night and its time for presents πŸ˜€ Christmas tree collage is easy, fun and quick craft for toddlers & preschoolers to make.

What you need

  • Green Construction Paper
  • Crepe Streamers (different colors) – you could also you tissue paper
  • Scissors 
  • Glue stick

How to

  • Cut out christmas tree from green construction paper.
  • Cut the crepe streamers into small pieces. If your LOs are good with scissors, you can let them do it. Or let them tear it – great fine motor activity and having different colors means you can discuss those as well.
  • Give some glue and the cut/torn pieces to your kids.
  • Let them glue it onto the christmas tree. 

Miss A(3yrs) & Miss D(2yrs) were all excited to use the glue stick. Once they were done decorating their tree, they wanted to hang it on our treeπŸ˜‚… since it was too big for that, i suggested we put it up on the wall. Finally, we all agreed to put it up on our refrigerator. So we laminated it, and the girls used painters tape to stick it on the refrigerator. πŸ‘ They were so proud of their work and showed it to their dad with all joy when he was back from work. πŸ˜€ Little Joys of Life!

πŸ”” Wish you & your family a Merry Christmas! πŸ””

– Lavanya

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Hi!! Im Lavanya, stay at home mom of 3 & 2 yr old girls.. My LOs are very active and they need various activities to keep them busy and interested. A monotonous play bores them easily.. Hence, I've started to explore & create activities to keep them occupied - fun & some learning.. This blog is my maiden attempt where you can find simple crafts and learning activities for kids. If you like my page share it with your friends. Also tell me what you think in the comments. πŸ˜€ Thanks for stopping by!!

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