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DIY Shape Puppets

Shape puppets are very easy to make and are a fun way to review shapes, learn how many sides & corners each shape has.

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 What you need

  • Cardstock
  • Permanent Marker
  • Craftsticks
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to

  • Draw the shapes outline on a cardstock. I used empty cereal box.
  • Use scissors to cut shapes and write the shapes name on it. I made two of each shape.
  • Glue it to the craftstick.

Miss A(3.5 yrs) will be starting school this September and I want to make sure she learned all the basic shapes. She knows most of the shapes, so i added three new shapes to this activity – semicircle, pentagon & octagon.

Miss D(2.5 yrs) has started to learn shapes and names a few. She totally took me by surprise – she knew more than I thought.

Heres how we played with it

  • I gave them each 12 shape puppets.
  • I name a shape, they pick & show the matching shape puppet. 
  • D would pick a shape, A would match it with hers and vice versa.
  • I hold the puppets, they name the shape. They say it right, they get to have the shape. If they can’t remember, we move on to the next shape and revisit it later.

We did this for all the twelve shapes. Then we moved on to scavenger hunt. 

  • They got to pick a shape and find items in their toy bin which was in the same shape.
  • I arranged a few items in a tray and they placed the matching shape puppets near it.

Other things we did

  • We made up songs for each shape – so its easy to remember. A remembered some of it and kept singing it. 
  • We learnt to depict heart, triangle and diamond shape using hands
  • Match the shapes.
  • Then ended this activity by reading – look & learn shapes book.

This activity was so much fun for my LOs. A whole hour of learning shapes and they didn’t realize how long they stay put. 

They played with these puppets in the evening all by themselves- naming and matching the shapes. By the end of the day, A named all the twelve shapes & D named most of them. For few shapes like square – A says it has 4 equal sides, for rectangle – she says 2 big sides and 2 small sides, for circle – she says round and so on.



    Hi!! Im Lavanya, stay at home mom of 3 & 2 yr old girls.. My LOs are very active and they need various activities to keep them busy and interested. A monotonous play bores them easily.. Hence, I've started to explore & create activities to keep them occupied - fun & some learning.. This blog is my maiden attempt where you can find simple crafts and learning activities for kids. If you like my page share it with your friends. Also tell me what you think in the comments. πŸ˜€ Thanks for stopping by!!

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