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DIY Sound Boxes – Montessori Inspired

Sound Boxes are amazingly fun and very simple to make. It helps your LOs hone their auditory senses, practicing sound discrimination and improving vocabulary skills.

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What you need

  • Empty containers – i used drinkable yogurt bottles.
  • Pantry items
  • Hot glue (optional)

How to

  • I picked five bottles each with different color caps – red & blue.
  • Fill the bottles with pantry items. I used rice, black eyed peas, dry penne pasta, cotton buds and dry sago.
  • Fill each item in one red and one blue bottle almost 3/4th of it.
  • If you don’t want kids to open the bottle, you can choose to hot glue the caps. However i skipped it – read on you’ll see why.
  • Your sound boxes are now ready to use.

This activity was very interesting for Miss A(3.5 yrs). She thoroughly enjoyed it. Heres what we did.

1 – Contrasting Sounds

  • I shook the ‘loudest’ box near each ear – then A repeated the same. The dry pasta was the loudest.
  • I shook the ‘softest’ box near each ear – then A repeated the same. The cotton buds box was the softest.
  • We discussed about loud & soft sounds.

2 – Matching Sounds

I let A do this all by herself.

  • She picked one red box, shook it and observed the sound. 
  • Then shook each blue box, until the pair was found. Every time she said, same or different.
  • Once the pair was found, she put it aside. Repeated until all the boxes are matched.
  • After all the boxes had been matched, A checked them again.
  • Once she confirmed all are matched, i let her open each bottle to see which item made that sound – also checking if the boxes are matched perfectly.
  • She spoke about each item, what it was, how it felt and then closed the box. – this is why i didn’t hot glue the caps.

3 – Grading Sounds

  • I took red boxes, shook them to find the ‘loudest’, put it aside. A shook it to listen.
  • I shook the rest to find ‘next loudest’ and put it next to the ‘loudest’. A shook them & compared the sounds.
  • We continued grading until ‘softest’. 
  • Grading loudest to softest – Pasta, Peas, Sago, Rice, Cotton buds. Although rice & sago, pasta & peas were too close. Just depends how much you fill in the box.
  • Then, A repeated this with the blue boxes, using red as a key.

Miss D(2.5 yrs) loved to shake the box and hear the sound it made. She enjoyed opening the box, pouring the contents out then filling it in the bottle & closing it. That was a great sensory fine motor activity for her.



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