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Number Match Wheel – Preschool Math

Number Match Wheel is a very simple math activity for preschoolers which helps develop number recognition, counting, number order, concentration & fine motor skills.

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What you need

  • Cardstock or cardboard – i used empty cereal box
  • Markers
  • Scissors 
  • Clothespin
  • Permanent Marker

How to

  • Flatten the cereal box and cut out a circle.
  • Divide it into ten sections.
  • Mark dots on each section to represent a number. I did 1 to 10.
  • Write the corresponding numbers on the clothespin.
  • Let your LOs count the dots on each section and match the clothespin to it.

Miss A (3.5 yrs) did it with ease. She counted the first five segments and then understood that it follows numerical order, and then just pinned the numbers without counting the dots. 😜 If you think your kids will do the same, you can jumble the order or use higher sequence. Then, I pointed a segment, she counted the dots on it and matched the clothespin. That way she counted all the segments. Miss D (2.5 yrs) counted the dots upto 3 by herself, but needed help with matching the number on the clothespin.πŸ˜€

Other things we did

  • Jumbled the clothespin & ordered them in numerical sequence.
  • Spoke about which part of the wheel has the most dots and which one has the least.
  • Spoke about how number 1 is smallest and number 10 is biggest in the sequence 1-10.
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Find the Missing Number – Fine Motor Math Activity

Find the Missing Number activity is easy to set up and can be used to practice any number sequence depending on your kids ability. It helps develop number recognition & counting from a random place. You could also use this method to practice skip counting. Came across this activity on facebook (it was a video in fb ads – don’t remember which page) and tried it out.

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What you need 

  • Clothespin
  • Craftstick
  • Marker

How to

  • Write the number sequence on the craftstick – underline or leave blank space to indicate the missing number.
  • Write the missing number on the clothespin.

Miss A(3.5 yrs) first thought she had to match the numbers on the clothespin to craftstick. Then, I showed her how to pick one craftstick at a time, go through the number sequence, check what number is not there and pick the matching clothespin to clip in the blanks. I did one with her, and she finished the rest in a breeze. She did repeat it once upon request (so mummy could take pictures πŸ˜‰). We should start working on higher number sequence.

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Count & Match the Chips – Color Gradient Math Activity

Count & Match the Chips is an easy to set up math activity for toddlers & preschoolers. It develops number recognition, one to one correspondence, counting and color matching skills. Perfect for busy bags.

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What you need

  • Paint chips – one large & one multi tone sample for each color you choose
  • Clothespin
  • Glue
  • Marker

How to

  • Trim the large paint chips and write down numbers and mark dots to represent them. 
  • Laminate the paint chips. This is optional. I did it because we used them as flash cards. 
  • Cut & Glue the multi tone colors on the clothespin – for each color to match the number on the large paint chips. Eg – Blue chip with number 4, would need four clothespin with different shades of blue on each.
  • Let your kids count and match or color sort and match the clothespin to the paint chip.

I gave the paint chip cards to my LOs the evening before we did this activity. They used it as flash cards. Miss A(3yrs) would count the dots on the card to identify the number and then she looked at the number itself. Miss D(2yrs) used it to learn colors and also tried to count the dots on it  just like her sis and she did great with 1 & 2.

    The next day when they asked for the cards, i gave them the clothespin along with it. Told them to count the dots and match the clothespin to it. 

    This activity was self correcting. A knows the color gradients i had used here. We did a Color   Gradient Matching activity with the same colors before. Infact, i reused the same clothespin. πŸ˜€ Whenever she made an error with counting she would use the colors on the clothespin to correct it. She did not need my help. Once she was done, we arranged it in numerical order. πŸ‘

    D tried to match the clothespin to the cards looking at the colors. She got most of it right – She needed some help with the pale color tones. By the end of the day, she was able to do it all by herself. πŸ˜€ Those cards were good for her number recognition skills- we looked at each card together & she repeated the numbers after me. She surprised me with the way she handled the clothespin – first activity where she didn’t break any πŸ˜‰

    This activity was a big hit, my LOs kept repeating it throughout the day. This was Miss A’s go to activity for the next couple of days – i think she enjoyed the independence – where she could self correct. It built her confidence in counting exercises.πŸ˜€

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    Ice Cream Math – Toddlers & Preschoolers

    Who doesn’t love ice creams? Well we do. This Ice cream math activity is more like a game so toddlers & preschoolers don’t actually feel like doing a math exercise. It develops color recognition, shape recognition, number recognition & counting skills, through pretend play. Its perfect for busy bags too. πŸ‘

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    What you need

    • Construction paper
    • Markers
    • Felt
    • Scissors
    • Laminator (optional)

    How to

    • Regular Cone – Cut out ice cream cone shapes from brown construction paper. Write down the numbers on them. Laminate and cut.
    • Flavoured Cone – Cut out cones from colored construction paper, write numbers and on it. Laminate & cut. 
    • Ice cream scoops with chocolate chips– Cut out semicircle (ice cream scoops) from different color construction paper. Mark dots on each scoop to represent numbers. Laminate and cut.
    • Flavoured Ice cream – Cut semicircles from different color felt pieces to represent ice cream scoops.

    Play the game

    • Give the cone & ice cream scoops to your LOs. Let them be the vendor.
    • Let them ask you what kind of cone you want, what flavour ice cream, how many scoops or how many chocolate chips you want on your icecream and make a match.
    • Also talk about different shapes they notice as you play.


    • If you ask for regular cone icecream with 2 choc chips on it – you kid will pick the cone with number 2 and place the scoop with 2 dots on it. 
    • If you ask for strawberry flavour cone with 2 scoops – your kid would pick red cone and place 2 red scoops on it.
    • If you ask for regular cone with 4 mixed flavours – your kid would pick cone with number 4 and place 4 flavoured scoops on it.

    Miss A (3 yrs) enjoyed playing this game. She wouldn’t let me go. She loved to make ice creams for me and her sister. Color matching and counting  was fine upto 5. Also learnt about the number zero. πŸ˜€ She did want to try more numbers though. Miss D (2 yrs) enjoyed this activity equally. She did the color matching perfectly. As for counting, she lost interest when its more than 2 – this was a good introduction to her. πŸ‘This activity was more of a fun play for us, let go of the math part. My LOs played with it all day. We cut circles from construction paper and laminated it (i think i love my laminator too much 😜) to use it as money for the cash register and they did not want to play with anything else but this. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ They took turns to be the vendor and i was so happy to watch them play.

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        Counting Hearts – Valentines Day MathΒ 

        Counting Hearts is a simple valentine themed math activity for preschoolers to practice counting and number recognition.

        What you need

        • Wooden Numbers
        • Heart Gems
        • Felt Heart Mat

        How to

        • Place the numbers, heart gems and heart mat on a tray. You could find all these in dollar store.
        • Set the activity tray and invite your kids to play.
        • Let them pick a number of their choice and place it on the heart mat.
        • Then, count & place the heart gems on it to match the number.

          Miss A(3yrs) loved to touch and use the heart gems. They were very cute and irresistible. We arranged the numbers in numerical order and then picked one of them to count with. She usually counts only upto 6 in any counting activities so i gave her numbers 1-6, but with this she wanted to try counting with more numbers and so we counted upto 8. She kept repeating it so many times, I couldn’t keep track of it. πŸ˜€ We also traced the heart mat with the heart gems. 

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          Learn Colors with Frosty – Snowman Activity Tray

          This Frosty the Snowman activity tray is very simple and open ended and is perfect for busy bags. It takes less than 10 mins to set up and is so much fun for the kids while working on fine motor & color recognition skills. We paired this activity with our favourite book Frosty the Snowman.

          What you need

          • Felt pieces
          • Pipecleaners
          • Pompoms
          • Marker
          • Scissors 

          How to

          • Cut snowman out of white felt. We got the precut ones in our christmas felt decoration pack. It had white, red & green snowman.
          • Draw eyes, nose & mouth on it using permanent marker.
          • Cut out matching hats & scarfs from different color felt pieces.
          • From matching pipecleaners, cut 2 small pieces and bend the edges a little –  to make hands for the snowman.
          • Now add matching color pompoms to these cut felt pieces in an activity tray and let your LOs dress up the snowman ⛄️ as they wish.
          • To make it a color matching activity – Let them color match the hat, scarf, pipecleaner hands and pompom buttons on the snowman.

          One cold morning, we read the book frosty the snowman. After we were done with it, I asked my LOs if they wanted to dress up frosty and they got all excited. Miss A(3yrs) liked to dress up the white snowman randomly. Miss D picked red and green snowman and matched him with same color hats & pompom button. She dint like the idea of dressing up the red and green snowman any other way. 😜 When asked to color coordinate the snowman’s accessories, they both worked on the white snowman and dressed him up with matching hat, scarf, pompom button and pipecleaner hands. Miss A knows all her colors now – she did it like a pro and took over to random dressing up. She had so much fun making lovely combinations, twisting the pipecleaner hands for different poses, using the scarf as nose and mouth, arranging pompoms randomly on the snowman. Miss D is still on learning the names of colors. She did a perfect job matching the colors and learning their names and took off with the green and red snowman. The girls played with this activity tray on and off all morningπŸ˜€

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            Counting With Snowballs- Preschool Winter Math Activity

            Counting with Snowballs is a simple roll & count math activity perfect for winter theme. Its develops hand-eye coordination, allows practice with counting and 1:1 correspondence.

            What you need

            • Blue Felt mat
            • White Felt Snowflake (optional)
            • White Felt Tree (optional)
            • White Felt Snowman (optional)
            • White Pompoms or Cotton Balls
            • Dice

            How to

            • The object of the game is to roll the dice, count the dots on the dice/recognize the number displayed (depending on what dice you use) and place the correct number of snowballs (pompoms) on the felt mat.
            • We used a large dice which had dots on it. Counting the dots was a good exercise to practice 1:1 correspondence. If using a small dice, counting the dots might be difficult for kids. You could use dice with numbers instead – develops number recognition.
            • The felt snowman, snowflake & tree was just to add more interest to this roll & count game. You could just use blue construction paper instead. Also try using tweezer to pick and place the snowballs for a simple fine motor twist.

            Miss A(3yrs) enjoyed this activity alot. At our home we do some “point and count” on regular basis, but she always rushes through and skips counting when it comes to big numbers. So we used a dice with 1-6. Depending on your childs needs you can use dice with larger numbers or use 2 dice to even try adding numbers. πŸ‘ With the dice, we used “point and count” & when placing the snowballs(pompoms), we used “drop and count”. She loved to create a scene everytime – decorating the tree with snowballs or decorating the snowman with snowballs and so on. Each time she had a story. πŸ˜€ Counting has never been so enticing for her before. May be its rolling the dice or the story part. We were playing this for solid 30 mins. Miss D(2yrs) is not ready to count yet, but she enjoyed rolling the dice (because she has to do whatever A does 😜) & placing snowballs on the mat to create a story. It was more like story board for her πŸ˜€

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