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Noodle Threading – Fine Motor Math activityΒ 

Noodle Threading activity provides different ways to keep your little ones busy while allowing them to practice fine motor skills, number recognition, and pattern sequencing.

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What you need

  • Pool Noodle
  • Knife
  • Marker
  • Lace

How to

  • Cut the pool noodle into 1 inch pieces using sharp knife.
  • Write the numbers on them using markers.
  • Knot a small noodle slice on one end of the lace so that the numbered slices doesnt slide out when kids thread them in.
  • Give the lace and numbered slices to your LOs. Let them thread the numbered slices in numerical order.

We were working on 1-20 sequence when doing this activity.
Miss A (was 3.5 yrs) arranged the noodle slices in numerical order and then threaded them in. Miss D(was 2.5 yrs) wasn’t really interested in the numbers. She did learn some numbers (1-5) but was more into threading the noodles in and playing around with it. Later, they both kept running around with their noodle train. It was very exciting for D. Some learning and some fun..πŸ˜€πŸ˜€You can also prepare sequencing cards for kids to follow the number pattern (odd numbers, even numbers, reverse order and so on). You could also use different color noodles for color recognition & patterning activities.

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    Number Match Wheel – Preschool Math

    Number Match Wheel is a very simple math activity for preschoolers which helps develop number recognition, counting, number order, concentration & fine motor skills.

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    What you need

    • Cardstock or cardboard – i used empty cereal box
    • Markers
    • Scissors 
    • Clothespin
    • Permanent Marker

    How to

    • Flatten the cereal box and cut out a circle.
    • Divide it into ten sections.
    • Mark dots on each section to represent a number. I did 1 to 10.
    • Write the corresponding numbers on the clothespin.
    • Let your LOs count the dots on each section and match the clothespin to it.

    Miss A (3.5 yrs) did it with ease. She counted the first five segments and then understood that it follows numerical order, and then just pinned the numbers without counting the dots. 😜 If you think your kids will do the same, you can jumble the order or use higher sequence. Then, I pointed a segment, she counted the dots on it and matched the clothespin. That way she counted all the segments. Miss D (2.5 yrs) counted the dots upto 3 by herself, but needed help with matching the number on the clothespin.πŸ˜€

    Other things we did

    • Jumbled the clothespin & ordered them in numerical sequence.
    • Spoke about which part of the wheel has the most dots and which one has the least.
    • Spoke about how number 1 is smallest and number 10 is biggest in the sequence 1-10.
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    Find the Missing Number – Fine Motor Math Activity

    Find the Missing Number activity is easy to set up and can be used to practice any number sequence depending on your kids ability. It helps develop number recognition & counting from a random place. You could also use this method to practice skip counting. Came across this activity on facebook (it was a video in fb ads – don’t remember which page) and tried it out.

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    What you need 

    • Clothespin
    • Craftstick
    • Marker

    How to

    • Write the number sequence on the craftstick – underline or leave blank space to indicate the missing number.
    • Write the missing number on the clothespin.

    Miss A(3.5 yrs) first thought she had to match the numbers on the clothespin to craftstick. Then, I showed her how to pick one craftstick at a time, go through the number sequence, check what number is not there and pick the matching clothespin to clip in the blanks. I did one with her, and she finished the rest in a breeze. She did repeat it once upon request (so mummy could take pictures πŸ˜‰). We should start working on higher number sequence.

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    DIY Counting Bunny Puzzle

    Make this simple Bunny Puzzle for your LOs for some counting fun. This activity develops number recognition, color recognition and counting skills.

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    What you need

    • Craft foam
    • Scissors 
    • Markers 

    How to

    • Cut out bunny shapes from the foam sheets – i used precut foam bunnies.
    • Cut each foam bunny into three horizontal parts using different types of lines. Zig-zags, wiggly lines, curved lines – keep it big enough to be able to write on.
    • Use markers to write the numerals, number words and dots on each part of the bunny.
    • Give the puzzle pieces to your LOs to match the bunnies.

    For kids who are not into counting, just cut the foam bunny into parts and give the puzzle pieces to them to make a match.

        Miss A(3.5yrs) did the counting bunny puzzle. Since we used different colors for each number it was a easy for her. We counted the dots on each bunny to verify if it matches with the number and also learned to recognize the number words. After matching the bunnies we arranged them in numerical order.

        Miss D(2yrs) did this activity with utmost sincerity. She matched the puzzles by color and named the colors of the bunnies she matched. She was so happy everytime she fixed the bunny that she clapped for herself.

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        Rainbow Flower Counting – Preschool Math

        Rainbow flower counting is an easy & simple math game for preschoolers. Its perfect for spring and great for practicing counting.

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        What you need

        How to

        • Draw the flower outline on a cardstock or paper and laminate.
        • Place the colored pasta, the flower outline and dice on a tray – invite kids to play.
        • Let your LOs roll the dice, count the dots on it and place the corresponding number of petals(pasta) onto the flower. Repeat as many times as you want.

          Miss A(3yrs) & I played together. We took turns and she liked to add colorful petals to the flower. We used a dice with dots, you could also use the dice with numbers on them to build number recognition skills. It was more easy for A to count and place pastas than to point and count the dots. We played along until we covered all the numbers on the dice.

          Click here for other pasta activities

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              Caterpillar Theme Math & Literacy Activities – Toddlers & Preschoolers

              With just one week for spring, here are few caterpillar themed learning activities which we’ve been doing. Try it with your LOs. 

              Name Caterpillar – name recognition

              Cut out circles from construction paper and write your kids name on it. Use a white circle to make smiley face. Let your LOs glue them on to form their name to make a name caterpillar. For kids who dont know their name order yet, write it down on a piece if paper to help them pick the correct alphabet order. We laminated our work, and extended the activity – Write the name on round labels and let your kids match it to the caterpillar. Miss A(3yrs) and Miss D(2yrs) loved this activity. I left it on their shelf and every now and then they would ask me for more labels to match up.

              Number Caterpillar – number recognition, number order

              I printed out this template, wrote numbers on round labels and gave it to my LOs. They matched the numbers and put the labels on it. Miss A(3yrs) & Miss D(2yrs) did this activity when mommy was getting the lunch ready πŸ˜€

              Counting Caterpillar –number recognition, counting, one to one correspondence

              Print the above template, let your LOs use any math manipulatives and count with it. We used cubes. You could also do this with Pompoms, playdough, dot markers, stickers, finger paint, or color with crayons. This activity was a great exercise for Miss A(3yrs) to practice counting and develop number recognition. Whereas for Miss D(2yrs) it was about one to one correspondence – she was trying to place one block per circle.

              Shapes Caterpillar –shapes & color recognition 

              Cut out shapes from felt. On a cardstock, trace the shapes to make a shapes caterpillar. Stick the velcro dot stickers on the cardstock and on the felt pieces. Let your LOs match the shapes.Miss A(3yrs) and Miss D(2yrs) enjoyed this activity a lot. This was their most favourite of all. A would name the color and shape before placing it. D is learning the names of shapes, but she would match them perfectly. I put it up on our wall (using painters tape) – they do it every now and then.

              Color Sorting Caterpillar – color recognition 

              Cut circles from construction paper. Let your LOs glue them onto a paper to make a colorful caterpillar. Once done, draw legs, face and antennae. Give some pompoms to them to color match on the caterpillar. Thanks to our blogger friend joyful parenting for this cute idea πŸ˜€. Miss A (3yrs) enjoyed the gluing part, and was excited when i drew legs, face, antennae and laminated it for her. She was not very keen on the color sorting part mainly because she knows basic colors by now. Although she did it once – picking up the pompoms using tongs and placing them on the corresponding colors. Miss D(2yrs) enjoyed this activity a lot. She had fun gluing and more fun color sorting. She kept repeating it for a while picking the pompoms using spatula and matching it to the caterpillar.

              Patterns Caterpillar – patterning skills

              Print out a plain caterpillar template. Or draw a caterpillar. Laminate for reuse. I used round color coding labels to make patterns (AB & ABC patterns) before laminating. Leave some empty spaces to let your LOs find out what comes next. Miss A(3yrs) was able to do these simple patterns with some help. She liked using the acrylic leaves for this activity.

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              Froot Loops Sensory Bin – Fine motor Math Activity

              Its almost spring here and we have started our spring themed activities. Froot loops sensory bin is the simplest rainbow themed sensory bin perfect for St. Patricks day or Spring. 

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              Just dump a box of cereal in a bin, add some rainbow theme items available at home. We used rainbow colored cups, gears, pipecleaners, easter eggs, foam flowers and scoops.

              To make it a math activity, i numbered the easter eggs on one half and marked corresponding dots on the other half. You can mix and match the colors. But i used same colors to make it self correcting. 

              Like with any other sensory bin, there was a lot of scoop and transfer. My LOs filled the plastic eggs with the cereal and shaked to hear the noise it made.  Bonus, a lot of eating 😜. 

              Miss A(3yrs) matched the eggs by counting the dots. She also filled the eggs with corresponding number of cereals. Eg. – yellow egg with 5 dots will be filled with five yellow cereals. Miss D(2yrs) matched the eggs just by colors. They did thread a few cereals onto the matching pipecleaners, but soon lost interest. 

              They played with this bin for 20-25 mins and then filled one cup each with cereal and took off πŸ˜‚. Use a sheet, its easy to contain the cereal spills.