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Sticker Christmas Tree – Kids Craft

Sticker Christmas Tree is a simple & cute craft for kids to make this holiday season. This fun activity is great for fine motor skills – hand eye coordination & pincer grasp.

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What you need

  • Green, Black & Brown construction paper
  • Glue
  • Stickers
  • Marker

How to

  • Draw and cut christmas tree from the green construction paper and the trunk from the brown construction paper.
  • We didn’t have brown paper, so coloured the trunk using crayons.
  • Draw zig zag lines on the tree using a marker.
  • Give some holiday stickers to your LOs and let them decorate the tree with stickers along the line. We didn’t have any holiday theme stickers, so went with the princesses – our all time favourite.

This was a quick evening activity for Miss A(4) & Miss D(3) today. The Christmas tree was up in Ds preschool and As school as well and they were so excited about it. Our tree is not up yet and that made them a lil sad. So we made this sticker tree and hung them up for some festive mood.

A did this with so much concentration and followed along the lines all the way from top to bottom. D was a little on and off. She first put a sticker for the star, the hanging ornaments on the edges and one for the trunk. Then put few stickers on the lines. She liked space between the stickers.

Once they were done, they colored the trunk brown using crayons and glued the tree on a black construction paper. Then A added more stickers for the star and hanging ornaments for the edges and D added some more stickers on the line. At this point both their trees looked almost the same. Once they were happy with how their tree looked, I gave them some painters tape to put it up on the wall. They were so happy and excited.

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Dot the Numbers – Preschool Math

Dot the Numbers is a simple math activity for toddlers & preschoolers. It helps develop number recognition, color recognition and fine motor skills. You can customize this activity for any number series you are working with.

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What you need

  • Paper
  • Color coding labels
  • Marker

How to

  • Jumble and write numbers on the paper. Choose 4 to 5 numbers.
  • On the bottom of the paper write the numbers and stick one color label for each.
  • Let your LOs identify each number, say it out loud and stick the appropriate label on it.
  • You can also use “do a dot marker” to dot the numbers.

I presented this activity to Miss D(3) today morning and told her what to do with it. She did two sheets – one with numbers 6-9 and the other with 11-14. She did the 6-9 in a breeze. Named the number, color, pointed out the numbers among the jumble and put the appropriate stickers on them. She finished one number at a time(all 7’s) and then moved on to the next.When it came to 11-14, she needed some help naming the number, then did the rest by herself – pointing & naming the number, color and place the matching stickers on it. She made sure the labels covered the numbers entirely. I could say she was so proud of herself when she was done. 😀

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TP Roll Haircuts – Scissor Skills

TP Roll Haircuts is super easy & fun fine motor activity that i came across on Pinterest. It took less than 5 mins to set up and Miss A(4) & Miss D(3) had lots of fun giving haircuts for their favourite characters.

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What you need

  • Empty toilet paper rolls
  • Scissors
  • Marker

How to

  • Cut fringes on the empty toilet paper rolls – and draw smiley faces on them using markers.
  • We did minions, smiley faces & minnie mouse.
  • Let your los use scissors and give them a haircut – cut the fringes.

A loved this activity. She styled minnie, minion and smiley man and wanted more – but we didn’t have anymore empty tp rolls.

It was a little hard for D to cut the TP roll, but she didn’t give up. She gave the smiley man and minion a lovely cut.

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Velcro Craftsticks

I made these Velcro Craftsticks a year back (realized it when i was looking at the post, to reblog 😉). We took it out recently and my 3 &4 year old simply love creating with it. They make shapes, build structures like house, boat, create patterns, form alphabets, numbers, sort by colors and use it for counting. The best part – they don’t need me when they play with it 😉😊.This has been one of our favourite quiet activity in shelf this month – i had to make more of these. Very easy to make and so much fun to learn with.

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Simple DIYs - Kids Activities

Velcro Craftsticks is a simple & inexpensive Diy I came across on Pinterest. It takes less than 10 mins to set up and keeps your LOs busy for a while.. Also a creative way to learn shapes, numbers, colors, alphabets & patterns..

What you need

  • Jumbo Colored Craftsticks
  • Velcro dot stickers

How to

  • Each velcro pair is made of a fuzzy side and a rough side. For one craftstick you will need two pairs of velcro dots.
  • Take a craftstick and stick the fuzzy side of the velcro dots on the both the ends.
  • Turn the craftstick over and stick the rough side of the velcro dots on both the ends.
  • Repeat this for as many craftsticks you want.
  • Your craftsticks are now ready to play with. Let your kids unleash their creativity.

If you dont have the jumbo craftsticks, you could use regular ones- just cut your velcro dots…

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Alphabet Sensory Bin

Alphabet Sensory Bin combines literacy & sensory in one. It helps kids learn to identify letters of the alphabet. Before preschoolers learn to recognize and name the letters, they have to learn how to visually discriminate the similarities and differences of each letter.

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What you need

How to

  • Fill the bin with colored rice. We mixed red and yellow to make orange color rice, perfect for fall theme.
  • Add in the letter pieces.
  • Let your LOs find the letters and match it to the puzzle board.

This activity was perfect for Miss A(4) & Miss D(soon to be 3).. A is all about learning alphabets now. She shows more interest in finding letters that make her name, starting letters for all of our names and so on. She tries to identify letters on the t-shirt & is showing more interest in sight words ever since we started our word wall. This activity was perfect for her on all levels. She enjoyed finding and matching the letters to the puzzle board, naming them and also naming few words which started with it. 

D enjoyed scooping, pouring and digging in the rice. She matched the letters to the puzzle and everytime she made a match i asked her what letter it was. She got few right, rest i told her what it was and a simple word that starts with it – ‘O is for octopus’ and she would repeat after me.

A & D sorted the letters by colors. Named the color, counted how many letters where there in each color, which color had more and so on. Then they made an alphabet train and D counted all the letters – she found out there were 26 of them!! Yay! So much learning in such a simple activity and the best part is kids dont even realise they are learning. 😀 

Once they were done with the learning fun, they took out the measuring spoons and cups for playing with the colored rice.

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Noodle Threading – Fine Motor Math activity 

Noodle Threading activity provides different ways to keep your little ones busy while allowing them to practice fine motor skills, number recognition, and pattern sequencing.

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What you need

  • Pool Noodle
  • Knife
  • Marker
  • Lace

How to

  • Cut the pool noodle into 1 inch pieces using sharp knife.
  • Write the numbers on them using markers.
  • Knot a small noodle slice on one end of the lace so that the numbered slices doesnt slide out when kids thread them in.
  • Give the lace and numbered slices to your LOs. Let them thread the numbered slices in numerical order.

We were working on 1-20 sequence when doing this activity.
Miss A (was 3.5 yrs) arranged the noodle slices in numerical order and then threaded them in. Miss D(was 2.5 yrs) wasn’t really interested in the numbers. She did learn some numbers (1-5) but was more into threading the noodles in and playing around with it. Later, they both kept running around with their noodle train. It was very exciting for D. Some learning and some fun..😀😀You can also prepare sequencing cards for kids to follow the number pattern (odd numbers, even numbers, reverse order and so on). You could also use different color noodles for color recognition & patterning activities.

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    Fizzing colors – Preschool Science Experiment 

    Fizzing colors is one of those classic baking soda & vinegar experiments that always fascinates kids. It’s a perfect boredom buster. Its quick, easy & inexpensive to setup. 

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    What you need

    • Baking soda
    • Vinegar
    • Food color
    • Medicine Dropper
    • Muffin pan or small cups
    • Baking sheet or tray

    How to

    • Fill 1/3rd of the tray with baking soda.
    • Pour vinegar into the muffin pan.
    • Add drops of food color to it and mix.
    • Use dropper to press and drop the vinegar in the tray to watch it fizz.

    A(3.5) & D(2.5) thoroughly enjoyed this activity. Using a dropper is great for developing fine-motor skills, pencil grasp, hand eye coordination and concentration.

    They didn’t get a good hold of the dropper and felt it was too slow. A touched the dropper in the baking soda and dipped it in the muffin pan to see the vinegar bubbling. Later D joined her.

    It was mesmerizing to watch. They kept doing it until the vinegar no longer reacted to the baking soda. 

    This was so much fun on a rainy summer afternoon. I loved to watch their face gleam every time they heard the fizz and saw the bubbling reaction.