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Alphabet Sensory Bin

Alphabet Sensory Bin combines literacy & sensory in one. It helps kids learn to identify letters of the alphabet. Before preschoolers learn to recognize and name the letters, they have to learn how to visually discriminate the similarities and differences of each letter.

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What you need

How to

  • Fill the bin with colored rice. We mixed red and yellow to make orange color rice, perfect for fall theme.
  • Add in the letter pieces.
  • Let your LOs find the letters and match it to the puzzle board.

This activity was perfect for Miss A(4) & Miss D(soon to be 3).. A is all about learning alphabets now. She shows more interest in finding letters that make her name, starting letters for all of our names and so on. She tries to identify letters on the t-shirt & is showing more interest in sight words ever since we started our word wall. This activity was perfect for her on all levels. She enjoyed finding and matching the letters to the puzzle board, naming them and also naming few words which started with it. 

D enjoyed scooping, pouring and digging in the rice. She matched the letters to the puzzle and everytime she made a match i asked her what letter it was. She got few right, rest i told her what it was and a simple word that starts with it – ‘O is for octopus’ and she would repeat after me.

A & D sorted the letters by colors. Named the color, counted how many letters where there in each color, which color had more and so on. Then they made an alphabet train and D counted all the letters – she found out there were 26 of them!! Yay! So much learning in such a simple activity and the best part is kids dont even realise they are learning. πŸ˜€ 

Once they were done with the learning fun, they took out the measuring spoons and cups for playing with the colored rice.

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Birthday Cake Cloud Dough

Happy Birthday to Us!! Its been one year since this blog Diyunlimitedfun was created – one year since the first post. We celebrated it by making Birthday Cake Cloud Dough. Its an ultimate sensory play for your LOs. You can make these around your kids birthday or even set it up on a sensory table for their outdoor birthday party or just play with it anytime around the year πŸ˜€

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What you need

  • 8 cups all purpose flour
  • 1 cup baby oil or vegetable oil
  • Sprinkles

How to

    • In a bin add all purpose flour & oil and mix well – the texture will be crumbly but mouldable. 
    • We used baby oil – it smells really good. If your LO still puts things in the mouth, you can use vegetable oil instead.
    • You could also add some vanilla essence for birthday cake smell.
    • Add sprinkles, cupcake molds, candles, spoons, scoops etc. for your kids to play with.

    Miss A(3.5 yrs) & Miss D(2.5 yrs) had a lot of fun playing with this. They loved making cupcakes & cakes, enjoyed baking them in their toy microwave. They decorated their cake with sprinkles and put candles on it. We even sang happy birthday to all their toy friends. πŸ˜€ They liked to feel the cloud dough with their hands, tried to mould it, crumble it, lots of filling and dumping. This kept them busy for more than an hour.


    • Its a fun but messy play. Use a sheet to contain the mess – it is easy to clean with vaccum cleaner. Or you could take it outside. 
    • Store the cloud dough in an airtight container or ziploc – it stays good for a long time if it doesn’t get wet.
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    Pond Sensory Bin – Preschool Science

    Spring is the perfect time to explore pond life. This pond sensory bin is a hands-on sensory science activity for preschoolers to learn about pond and the animals that live in it. This was simple to create and worked well for our pond life unit. Learning while playing is always fun and kids remember it more easily.

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    What we used

    • Water beads – (we used aqua color, looked much like green)
    • Storage bin
    • Pond Animals – swan, duck, goose, frog, snake, fish erasers ( add turtles)
    • Acrylic leaves ( you could add lily pad made with green foam sheet)
    • Plastic plants
    • Plastic flowers
    • Green wooden blocks
    • Green plastic Easter eggs – for moss
    • Cinnamon sticks – for logs

    For Miss A(3.5) this was a learning activity- introduction to what is a pond and pond life. For Miss D(2) this was more of an sensory, imaginary play and learning about different animals.

    I told them the waterbeads represent the water in the pond and we can find different animals and plants in the pond – animals, leaves, flowers, small plants, moss, rocks, log, etc. Kids named the animals and other items in the bin.

    We also spoke about what the animals in the pond eat. A didn’t like the idea of one animal eating the other. When i told her the snakes eat the fish in the pond, she was very upset. She told me, mummy the fish will be very sad now.. ☺️(aww the innocence and sweetness).

    Because we are learning about five senses, I let them smell the cinnamon stick and spoke about how we use our nose to smell – D loved the smell, A didn’t like it much.

    Once done with the learning and watching a short video about pond life in YouTube they took to playing with the bin.

    They sang some songs playing with the pond animals in the bin – five little speckled frogs, five little ducks went swimming one day, 12345 once i caught a fish alive. Then they filled the easter eggs with waterbeads – scoop and pour, fill and shake to hear what sound it made.

    In the evening we drove to the nearby pond – although A was a little upset because there were no waterbeads in the pond πŸ˜‚

    The kids enjoyed learning about pond life with this sensory bin and i was really proud when A told her dad, once he was back from work about the type of life we can find in the pond. πŸ˜€

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        Easter Sensory Bin

        Sensory bins are always a hit with my kids. I love them because they are great for developing fine motor skills, imagination and creativity. Even the simplest fillers keeps my kids engaged for hours. This Easter Sensory Bin is easy to set up and fun to play with.

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        Here’s what I did – Pour green colored rice (how to color rice) into a storage bin, add plastic easter eggs(different sizes) and plastic rainbow colored bunnies (i also added a bunny figurine) to it. Add measuring  spoons and styrofoam egg carton (the ones in which we get chocolate marshmallow eggs) and the sensory bin is all set to play with.

          Miss A(3 yrs) & Miss D(2yrs) enjoyed playing with this bin. I set this up during their nap time. They went straight to it after they woke up and was playing with it until dinner – took a short break for evening snack.

          Here’s how they played with it

          D was so excited to see the bunny figurine in the bin. The first thing she did was to pick it up and sing the hop little bunny song and made the bunnies hop on the rice.

          A & D scooped the rice using spoons and hands and transferred it to the eggs, closed the eggs and shaked it to hear the rattle sound. Then poured the rice back to the bin or hands. They liked to touch and feel the rice.

          D filled the egg carton with rice, tried to poke it to make holes, closed the carton and shaked it to hear the noise it made. She then dumped it to the bin.

          A filled the eggs with rice, and closed it to store in the egg carton.

          Then we took out the big eggs, D put the matching bunnies inside the egg and closed it. A added some rice to the egg and made the bunnies stand on it (thats what she said) and then closed the eggs. They both shaked their eggs and compared the sounds. We discussed the different colors and sounds they observed.

          The plastic eggs had uppercase and lowercase alphabets written on it. Once they were done playing with the rice, they tried to match the alphabets and we did a name recognition activity later. More about that on a different post.

          What would you add to your Easter Sensory Bin?

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          Paint the Snow – Indoor ActivityΒ 

          Painting the snow is a fun family activity to enjoy the snow indoors when its too cold to go outside. We had so much fun with our snow sensory bin we had to play with it one more time before the end of season. πŸ˜€

          What you need

          • Water
          • Food color
          • Snow
          • Storage bin
          • Cups & paintbrush

          How to

          • Mix few drops of food color to a cup of water to make snow paint.
          • Bring the snow indoors in a storage bin. 
          • Pull out your paintbrush and paint your heart out.

            We did this activity few weeks back when it was snowing heavily. My girls love to play in the snow, but it was too cold to get outside. So we decided to bring the snow inside. It was so much fun painting the snow. Miss A(3 yrs) & Miss D(2yrs) used paint brushes to color the snow. I should tell you, it looks real pretty when the white snow is mixed in color.

            D liked to use cookie cutters to shape up the snow and color it. A enjoyed scooping it up to make snow cones and ice creams and color it. She also enjoyed cutting snow cakes. We also tried making a snow tower. After a while they dumped the snow paint on to the snow and mixed it all up. We made more snow paint and played until it turned all slushy & then dumped it outside. One colorful fun evening! πŸ˜€

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            Froot Loops Sensory Bin – Fine motor Math Activity

            Its almost spring here and we have started our spring themed activities. Froot loops sensory bin is the simplest rainbow themed sensory bin perfect for St. Patricks day or Spring. 

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            Just dump a box of cereal in a bin, add some rainbow theme items available at home. We used rainbow colored cups, gears, pipecleaners, easter eggs, foam flowers and scoops.

            To make it a math activity, i numbered the easter eggs on one half and marked corresponding dots on the other half. You can mix and match the colors. But i used same colors to make it self correcting. 

            Like with any other sensory bin, there was a lot of scoop and transfer. My LOs filled the plastic eggs with the cereal and shaked to hear the noise it made.  Bonus, a lot of eating 😜. 

            Miss A(3yrs) matched the eggs by counting the dots. She also filled the eggs with corresponding number of cereals. Eg. – yellow egg with 5 dots will be filled with five yellow cereals. Miss D(2yrs) matched the eggs just by colors. They did thread a few cereals onto the matching pipecleaners, but soon lost interest. 

            They played with this bin for 20-25 mins and then filled one cup each with cereal and took off πŸ˜‚. Use a sheet, its easy to contain the cereal spills.

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            Water Beads & Shaving Cream – Sensory Play

            I was trying to find ways to play with the Water beads before it gets too small. Came across this activity on Pinterest and thought I’d give it a try. 

            I got to say- it was an ultimate sensory experience. Shaving cream by itself is a great sensory play and when you add water beads to it, its so much fun for kids.

            This activity is so easy to set up. Just take a bin and add shaving cream & water beads to it -(Assuming the water beads are ready to use). Use a sheet to hold the mess.

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            Miss A(3yrs) & Miss D(2yrs) really enjoyed this snesory play. They scooped it up to make icecreams, cones, transferring into measuring cups and also loved to touch and feel with their hands. Pinching the water beads in the shaving cream and picking up was a great fine motor activity. Plus it smells so good!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

            If you haven’t tried this yet, give it a try! πŸ‘