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Dot the Numbers – Preschool Math

Dot the Numbers is a simple math activity for toddlers & preschoolers. It helps develop number recognition, color recognition and fine motor skills. You can customize this activity for any number series you are working with.

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What you need

  • Paper
  • Color coding labels
  • Marker

How to

  • Jumble and write numbers on the paper. Choose 4 to 5 numbers.
  • On the bottom of the paper write the numbers and stick one color label for each.
  • Let your LOs identify each number, say it out loud and stick the appropriate label on it.
  • You can also use “do a dot marker” to dot the numbers.

I presented this activity to Miss D(3) today morning and told her what to do with it. She did two sheets – one with numbers 6-9 and the other with 11-14. She did the 6-9 in a breeze. Named the number, color, pointed out the numbers among the jumble and put the appropriate stickers on them. She finished one number at a time(all 7’s) and then moved on to the next.When it came to 11-14, she needed some help naming the number, then did the rest by herself – pointing & naming the number, color and place the matching stickers on it. She made sure the labels covered the numbers entirely. I could say she was so proud of herself when she was done. 😀

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Velcro Craftsticks

I made these Velcro Craftsticks a year back (realized it when i was looking at the post, to reblog 😉). We took it out recently and my 3 &4 year old simply love creating with it. They make shapes, build structures like house, boat, create patterns, form alphabets, numbers, sort by colors and use it for counting. The best part – they don’t need me when they play with it 😉😊.This has been one of our favourite quiet activity in shelf this month – i had to make more of these. Very easy to make and so much fun to learn with.

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Simple DIYs - Kids Activities

Velcro Craftsticks is a simple & inexpensive Diy I came across on Pinterest. It takes less than 10 mins to set up and keeps your LOs busy for a while.. Also a creative way to learn shapes, numbers, colors, alphabets & patterns..

What you need

  • Jumbo Colored Craftsticks
  • Velcro dot stickers

How to

  • Each velcro pair is made of a fuzzy side and a rough side. For one craftstick you will need two pairs of velcro dots.
  • Take a craftstick and stick the fuzzy side of the velcro dots on the both the ends.
  • Turn the craftstick over and stick the rough side of the velcro dots on both the ends.
  • Repeat this for as many craftsticks you want.
  • Your craftsticks are now ready to play with. Let your kids unleash their creativity.

If you dont have the jumbo craftsticks, you could use regular ones- just cut your velcro dots…

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Fizzing colors – Preschool Science Experiment 

Fizzing colors is one of those classic baking soda & vinegar experiments that always fascinates kids. It’s a perfect boredom buster. Its quick, easy & inexpensive to setup. 

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What you need

  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Food color
  • Medicine Dropper
  • Muffin pan or small cups
  • Baking sheet or tray

How to

  • Fill 1/3rd of the tray with baking soda.
  • Pour vinegar into the muffin pan.
  • Add drops of food color to it and mix.
  • Use dropper to press and drop the vinegar in the tray to watch it fizz.

A(3.5) & D(2.5) thoroughly enjoyed this activity. Using a dropper is great for developing fine-motor skills, pencil grasp, hand eye coordination and concentration.

They didn’t get a good hold of the dropper and felt it was too slow. A touched the dropper in the baking soda and dipped it in the muffin pan to see the vinegar bubbling. Later D joined her.

It was mesmerizing to watch. They kept doing it until the vinegar no longer reacted to the baking soda. 

This was so much fun on a rainy summer afternoon. I loved to watch their face gleam every time they heard the fizz and saw the bubbling reaction.

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DIY Shape Puppets

Shape puppets are very easy to make and are a fun way to review shapes, learn how many sides & corners each shape has.

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 What you need

  • Cardstock
  • Permanent Marker
  • Craftsticks
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to

  • Draw the shapes outline on a cardstock. I used empty cereal box.
  • Use scissors to cut shapes and write the shapes name on it. I made two of each shape.
  • Glue it to the craftstick.

Miss A(3.5 yrs) will be starting school this September and I want to make sure she learned all the basic shapes. She knows most of the shapes, so i added three new shapes to this activity – semicircle, pentagon & octagon.

Miss D(2.5 yrs) has started to learn shapes and names a few. She totally took me by surprise – she knew more than I thought.

Heres how we played with it

  • I gave them each 12 shape puppets.
  • I name a shape, they pick & show the matching shape puppet. 
  • D would pick a shape, A would match it with hers and vice versa.
  • I hold the puppets, they name the shape. They say it right, they get to have the shape. If they can’t remember, we move on to the next shape and revisit it later.

We did this for all the twelve shapes. Then we moved on to scavenger hunt. 

  • They got to pick a shape and find items in their toy bin which was in the same shape.
  • I arranged a few items in a tray and they placed the matching shape puppets near it.

Other things we did

  • We made up songs for each shape – so its easy to remember. A remembered some of it and kept singing it. 
  • We learnt to depict heart, triangle and diamond shape using hands
  • Match the shapes.
  • Then ended this activity by reading – look & learn shapes book.

This activity was so much fun for my LOs. A whole hour of learning shapes and they didn’t realize how long they stay put. 

They played with these puppets in the evening all by themselves- naming and matching the shapes. By the end of the day, A named all the twelve shapes & D named most of them. For few shapes like square – A says it has 4 equal sides, for rectangle – she says 2 big sides and 2 small sides, for circle – she says round and so on.

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    Painting with Plastic Easter Eggs

    This is a very simple and easy to set up activity. It helps develop shape, size & color recognition.

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    What you need

    • Plate
    • Washable paint
    • Plastic eggs

    How to

    • Squirt washable paint onto a plate. Use paper plates for easy clean up.
    • Open the eggs and place the open side of the egg in paint and make stamps on a paper.

    Miss A(3.5 yrs) & Miss D(2 yrs) were very happy with how their collage turned out. We spoke about the different colors and what shape they stamped – circle. A was surprised how the whole eggs were oval in shape and when stamped made circles. It would have been a great way to discuss about different sizes if we would have used different size eggs. 

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    DIY Counting Bunny Puzzle

    Make this simple Bunny Puzzle for your LOs for some counting fun. This activity develops number recognition, color recognition and counting skills.

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    What you need

    • Craft foam
    • Scissors 
    • Markers 

    How to

    • Cut out bunny shapes from the foam sheets – i used precut foam bunnies.
    • Cut each foam bunny into three horizontal parts using different types of lines. Zig-zags, wiggly lines, curved lines – keep it big enough to be able to write on.
    • Use markers to write the numerals, number words and dots on each part of the bunny.
    • Give the puzzle pieces to your LOs to match the bunnies.

    For kids who are not into counting, just cut the foam bunny into parts and give the puzzle pieces to them to make a match.

        Miss A(3.5yrs) did the counting bunny puzzle. Since we used different colors for each number it was a easy for her. We counted the dots on each bunny to verify if it matches with the number and also learned to recognize the number words. After matching the bunnies we arranged them in numerical order.

        Miss D(2yrs) did this activity with utmost sincerity. She matched the puzzles by color and named the colors of the bunnies she matched. She was so happy everytime she fixed the bunny that she clapped for herself.

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        Bottle cap Match – Size Comparison Activity

        Bottle cap match is a simple sorting activity for toddlers & preschoolers which helps develop shape & size recognition. It is a great activity to practice ordering by size.👍

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        What you need

        • Bottle caps – different sizes
        • Cardstock 
        • Marker

        How to

        • Trace the caps on the cardstock using markers.
        • Give the cardstock and caps to your LOs. Let them match the caps to the outline.

        Miss A(3yrs) did great with this activity. She was able to match the caps to the outline with no help. She would correct herself if she mismatched any. She was able to point out which is the biggest of all and the smallest of all. We picked three caps of different sizes at a time, and ordered them big, medium and small. She wasnt interested to arrange all the caps from biggest to smallest. I left it on the shelf for a week and she did it atleast once everyday. 😀

        Miss D(2yrs) surprised me. She was able to do most of it. She did need some help when it came to caps very close in size. A was happy to help lil sis. We spoke about how the caps were different in sizes and she was able to differentiate between big and small given any two caps of different sizes.😀