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Picture to Picture Matching – Montessori Pre-Reading Activity for Toddlers

Picture to Picture Matching is the last in matching work for toddlers. The first two being,

This activity is one of the important pre-reading skills. It helps kids develop vocabulary skills and visual discrimination in a completely abstract way. Because like other matching activities, there is no touch and feel here. Its done by sight. 

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What you need

  • Picture cards or flash cards

How to

  • I found the above picture grid online and printed 2 copies. Laminate for durability. 
  • Cut out one and use the other as is.
  • Pick one picture at a time, find the match and place it on the grid.
  • You can also cut both the sets and give the set of identical cards in a divided tray or get  two sets of identical flash cards.
  • Lay down one set. Pick one card at a time from the other set, look and make a match.

Miss D(2.5 yrs) was able to do this activity easily. She named each object as she made a match. We spoke about what it is, where we use it, how it looks and so on.Once kids have mastered this, there are so many ways to extend this activity. Cut up one picture into half and match it with the other, matching object  to silhouette, memory game etc. The Magnifying glass activity we did is also an extension to this.



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