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DIY Parking Garage – Learn Colors, Numbers & Counting

DIY Parking Garage is a very simple & frugal activity i put up one evening when we didn’t have any planned activities and my LOs were very BORED. It encourages imagination through pretend play, and also helps develop number recognition, color recognition & counting skills – perfect for toddlers & preschoolers. 

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What we used

  • Shoe box
  • Toy cars
  • Bear Counters
  • Markers
  • Bows
  • Round labels

How to

  • Cut the ramp into the shoe box so that the cars could drive in. 
  • You can choose a bigger box if you plan on doing more numbers or colors ( eg. Pizza box)
  • Depending on the size of the box & the toy cars you have, mark and number the lots.
  • Write numbers on round labels and stick them on the toy cars. 
  • You can color the lots to match your cars, i just used the leftover Christmas gift bows.
  • You garage is now ready to play with. Let imaginations unfold.

Miss D (2yrs) is really fond of cars. This one was mainly for her, but to my surprise Miss A(3yrs) wanted one of her own to play. So we ended up making two and the girls were busy until it was time for dinner. I just gave the garage & cars to D, and she started to match them to the bows all by herself. Then, encouraged her to look at the numbers on the cars and match them to the numbers on the lot.Our garage had numbers from 1-4 on one and 1-3 on the other. For Miss A, it was too simple. So we did some counting exercise. We took out our bear counters and used them as passengers waiting to be picked up. So in lot 1, one passenger is waiting to be picked. In lot 2, two passengers are waiting to be picked and so on. Then the girls took over all by themselves and had some racing fun all over the living room. đŸ˜€